Category: Odessa Optometry

Category: Odessa Optometry

Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. What is it?

What is Conjunctivitis?

The popular name for conjunctivitis can make it seem not very serious. Pink eye, as people call it, can make one or both of your eyes feel extremely uncomfortable.

What is considered legally blind?

What is Considered Legally Blind

Maintaining a healthy weight, wearing eye protection, and eating a diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables can help care for your eyes. However, blindness may occur at various levels of severity.

Eye Safety at a Florida Beach

Eye Safety at a Florida Beach

It takes only one time of opening your eyes under saltwater to learn that it stings like crazy. While your tears may taste salty, they produce a soothing effect. The salt in the Gulf contains much more salt than your tears. The stinging occurs as it dries your eyes out.

Florida Swimming Safety

Eye Safety When Swimming in Florida Pools and Lakes

Only 8 percent of the population does not go online. In addition, frequent use of electronic screens can produce computer vision syndrome and the vision-related problems that come with it. Because almost no one chooses to give up computer use, some tips can help users prevent the consequences of digital eyestrain.

Are Eye Infections Contagious?

Are eye infections contagious?

Some of the most common eye infections can spread to someone else. The result of contracting a contagious disease can start with redness. Other symptoms include seeing black spots and having blurry vision or even blindness. However, many eye infections can cause discomfort without putting others at risk. When you know the difference, it may help protect your sight.

Finding a New Eye Doctor Near Me

Taking Steps to Find a New Eye Doctor

More than three-quarters of the American public wears glasses or contacts. The value of sight usually puts it on top of the list of senses. Most people think of it before thinking of smell, taste, hearing, or touch. Finding an eye doctor to prepare vision for a lifetime requires careful thought. These steps can help you pick the right vision care provider.

How do Transition Lenses work?

What Are Transition Lenses and How Do They Work?

Because the lenses adjust to changes in light, they help you consistently see better. The lenses react to the sun’s UV rays. Special dyes in the lenses cause them to change color with exposure to light, becoming dark when you need protection from sunlight and glare. They help you discern brightness and contrast to allow you to see with clarity in all light locations.

What to Do if Something Stuck In My Eye

What Should I Do If Something Is Stuck in My Eye

A natural tendency to touch your eye when something gets in it can make an uncomfortable situation worse. While rubbing your eye may seem like the right thing to do, keeping your hands off makes more sense. An object as tiny as a speck of dirt or an eyelash can cause discomfort that you naturally want to remove as soon as possible. However, rubbing your eyes can cause scratches on your cornea or make the object harder to reach. You can choose safer ways for foreign body removal that relieve the irritation.

Glasses and Contact Lenses Near Me

Why You Should Consider Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and contacts help your eyes focus light and make you see better, and about 75 percent of Americans wear them. The Vision Council estimates that about 64 percent wear glasses, and the other 11 percent prefer contacts. Normal changes to vision occur over time, and paying attention to them can help maintain good eyesight.

Eye Exam Near Me

How To Get The Most Out of Your Eye Exam

Preparation for an eye exam ahead of time can help you get the most benefit out of it. When you share information about yourself, it helps us evaluate and treat your vision issues.