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Digital Eye Exams

Digital Eye Exams - Odessa, FL

Digital eye exams use the latest technology to make the exam more precise and efficient than ever before. We use digital retinal mapping to view the inside of your eye up to 200 degrees. 4k video allows us to record your eye directly from the doctor’s microscope under high magnification. If pathology is found the doctor will review the video of your eye in 4k resolution on a large monitor and go over the intricacies of his findings. This results in a more comprehensive examination and gives our patients a greater understanding of their ocular health. It also guarantees a much more accurate prescription resulting in better vision.

This is truly state of the art and we are extremely excited to be the only Optometry office in Odessa, FL offering this to our patients.

Digital Eye Exams Odessa, FL
Digital Eye Exams Odessa, FL

If you have any questions about our digital eye exams, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 813-926-5993.