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High-end Prescription Lenses

High-end Prescription Lenses - Odessa, FL

Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists only sells premium lenses. We think your eyes are worth it!

Our innovative, high-end lenses from Essilor use advanced technology to furnish solutions for concerns such as glare, high prescriptions, digital eye strain, bifocals, and other prescription issues and eye conditions. Essilor brands offer protection and clarity of vision by using best-in-class engineering and materials. 

Lenses Odessa, FL
Lenses Varilux Odessa, FL


Varilux progressive addition lenses offer the widest field of view with the least amount of peripheral distortion and the most natural progression for clear comfortable distance, intermediate, and near vision.
Lenses Crizal Odessa, FL


Crizal lenses give you crystal-clear vision. Featuring anti-glare, anti-smudge and UV-protective properties, these lenses are exceptionally durable and easy to clean. They have been awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for customer satisfaction and the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation for their protection against UV radiation.
Lenses Transitions Odessa, FL


For our Odessa Florida customers with active lifestyles, transitions light-intelligent lenses make life more convenient. The lenses darken within seconds when you’re outdoors and return to their natural clarity quickly when you head inside. They also protect your eyes from detrimental blue light and shield them from damaging UV rays.
Lenses Eyezen Odessa, FL


Even if they don’t require a prescription to correct their vision, many of our customers experience digital eye strain. Eyezen lenses provide better clarity than regular lenses and can be created with or without a prescription. They help reduce eye strain from focusing on screens, such as those on computers and mobile devices. These lenses also defend against blue light.
Lenses Xperio UV Odessa, FL

Xperio UV

Polarized prescription sunglasses let you see a wide range of colors and details in sunny conditions. They offer the highest level of UV protection and include an integrated water-repellent layer. They’re ideal for outdoor activities because they’re durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

If you have any questions about our high-end prescription lenses, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 813-926-5993.