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Handcrafted Frames

Handcrafted Frames - Odessa, FL

Most people select their glasses based on their style and appearance. But not all eyewear is made equally. Your glasses should look good and help you express yourself, but they must also properly correct your vision, be comfortable and stand up to the wear and tear. Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa, Florida offer only the highest quality eyeglass frames and lenses.

Because we only carry first-rate eyewear, you can try on glasses with confidence. When you find the pair that looks perfect on you, you’ll know that it is well-made and durable. Our specialists will also work with you to help you choose the design that best suits your prescription.

Benefits of High-Quality Eyeglasses

Superior glasses usually look and feel better than low-quality eyewear. Plus, they are made with premium materials and stand up to daily use.
Some of the benefits of high-quality frames and lenses include:

Fewer Headaches

Any eyewear can cause headaches if it fits poorly. High-quality eyeglasses are optimized with details that make them more comfortable to wear, such as lightweight frames and flexible hinges.

Gentle on Skin

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you should look for hypoallergenic frames, which are made out of materials like stainless steel, titanium, gold, and cellulose acetate.


Eyewear that is made with careful engineering is designed to stand up to the rigors of daily use. High-quality eyeglasses are strong and flexible. Some options feature seamless designs, which eliminate the need to adjust screws and rivets and enhance the eyewear’s structure.

Advanced Technology

High-quality frames and lenses are made using top-notch technology that protects the eyes and offers excellent vision enhancement.

Local Assistance

Shopping locally for eyeglasses in Odessa means that you can get hands-on assistance and advice to select the perfect eyewear for your needs.

Eyeglasses Odessa, FL
Eyeglasses Odessa, FL

Our Frames

We carry eyeglasses frames crafted in Italy, Germany, France, Iceland. All the frames are made from only the highest-quality metals, including Titanium, carbon fiber, stainless steel. All frames are hand-made or hand-assembled and are typically crafted without moving internal parts to ensure a more robust and sturdy design. 

Ella & Maxx

This eyewear is as functional as it is stylish. The frames, made of surgical stainless steel and Italian acetate, are hypoallergenic and durable. The subtle sophistication is ideal for women and men. A few perfectly placed details go a long way. These glasses have intricate textures and adornments that take your fashion sense to a new level

Dutz Eyewear

Dutz Eyewear blends fun and fashion with high quality. The allergy-friendly frames are designed and inspected in house for impeccable quality control. The wide selection includes options for large and small faces, which are often difficult to fit.

Reykjavik Eyes

Reykjavik Eyes features a variety of collections, including a gold, rimless and petite edition. The eyeglasses are designed in Iceland and manufactured by specialists in Italy for excellent craftsmanship. The finish is seamless, the components are durable and the styles are expressive.
Reykjavik Eyes Near Me
Reykjavik Eyes Near Me


Lindberg creates eyewear that is made with the finest technological standards, design and craftsmanship. The premium materials, such as titanium, gold, acetate, diamonds and platinum, are responsibly sourced. Revolutionary engineering has allowed the brand to eliminate unnecessary hardware. You won’t have to tighten the screws; there aren’t any. These eyeglasses are strong but flexible.

If you have any questions about our selection of handcrafted frames, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 813-926-5993.