How To Get The Most Out of Your Eye Exam

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How To Get The Most Out of Your Eye Exam

Preparation for an eye exam ahead of time can help you get the most benefit out of it. When you share information about yourself, it helps us evaluate and treat your vision issues.

These five tips can make sure you get better results from your eye exam.

1. Planning to Participate Actively

We welcome you into a caring and compassionate doctor-patient relationship that may seem like the days when doctors made house calls. We want you to feel comfortable here from the first moments of your visit. Also, we invite you to tell us anything on your mind about your eye health.

Whether you know of any vision problems or not, your eye exam can give you peace of mind. We care deeply about your eye care, and we can diagnose and treat any condition that concerns you. So when you look for an eye exam near me, we hope to see you here. As your Odessa eye doctor, we can help explain and address any potential issues.

2. Listing Your Concerns

Blurry vision
You may notice a need to hold objects further away to see them. Turning up the lights to see better gives you another sign of a problem.

Dry eye
Dust, smoke, or hay fever can make your eyes feel dry, but a dry eye condition occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears.

Problem seeing things up close
Normal aging can make eyes unable to see when you read, use your smartphone, or work on puzzles.

Lack of depth perception
One eye performing with less strength than the other may create depth perception issues.

Halos around lights
Glare or halos around oncoming headlights make driving at night difficult.

Distorted vision
Familiar objects may look wavy or bent.

Watery eyes
Tears keep your eyes moist, but too many can make them watery for a reason.

Problem seeing far-away
Objects that you see at a distance may not come into focus.

Floaters are spots that seem to float across your eye can distract you and impair your vision.

Make sure to jot down any other conditions that you notice, when they happen, and what makes them better or worse.

3. Bringing Your Eyewear and Prescription

Bringing your prescription for glasses or contact lenses allows an Odessa eye doctor to make any adjustments or updates. In addition, during your eye exam, your replies to the doctor’s questions about your eyewear help identify the need for another prescription.

4. Checking on Family History

Your personal medical history matters significantly to us, but your family’s health experiences also matter. Some conditions that affect the eyes can run in families. Thus, an early exam may prevent problems later. For example, a family history of diabetes or blood pressure can affect your eyes and the treatment that can address it.

Your knowledge of the eye conditions of your parents, grandparents, and siblings can help us resolve your issues. When you decide to find an eye exam near me, we offer prompt appointments with an Odessa eye doctor in our Suncoast Crossing office at 16230 FL-54 in Odessa.

Your input on your family’s eye health can provide valuable background information.

Everyone faces the risk of developing cataracts However, you have a greater risk if they run in your family. Cataract surgery offers a safe and highly effective procedure that restores sharp vision.

A genetic condition that affects about 1 in 12 men, color blindness has no cure but does not usually cause serious problems.

The most common form of glaucoma runs in families, increasing the risk four to nine times. Regular eye exams and early detection provide the best defense against it.

Macular degeneration
A family history increases the chance of developing macular degeneration by 50 percent. While no permanent cure exists, early detection can provide treatment that can slow its progression and prevent vision loss.

5. Observing Drug Safety

The medications you use can affect your vision, whether prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies. An update on the medicines you use every day or only occasionally can help define your profile. For example, some drugs can create a bluish tint, blur vision, affect how colors appear, and produce other effects. A list of the medications you take can provide a background that every doctor you visit needs to know.

Finding an Odessa Eye Doctor Near Me

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