How Do Transition Lenses Work?

How do Transition Lenses work?

What Are Transition Lenses and How Do They Work?

Light-intelligent Transition Lenses make sense for Odessa residents and visitors who enjoy an active lifestyle. The lenses darken as soon as you go outdoors, protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays. When you go back inside, they quickly return to their regular natural clarity. The lenses protect you against blue light as well. The sun provides the greatest amount of blue light. However, your flat-screen TV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone give off blue light too. Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in the Crossings Shopping Center in Odessa carries high-quality light-sensitive lenses by Essilor.

Understanding How They Work

Because the lenses adjust to changes in light, they help you consistently see better. The lenses react to the sun’s UV rays. Special dyes in the lenses cause them to change color with exposure to light, becoming dark when you need protection from sunlight and glare. They help you discern brightness and contrast to allow you to see with clarity in all light locations.

Advances in technology allow glasses to remain clear indoors but dark in bright conditions outdoors. The transition from normal eyeglasses to sunglasses occurs automatically in the sun and with a return to indoors. While they provide UV protection in light or dark conditions, they let you see better indoors or out.

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation makes molecules in the dyes react by becoming dark. You do not necessarily need direct sunlight for transition lenses to work. Exposure to UV rays and harmful blue light occurs many times every day from indoor lighting, the sun, and electronic devices. Even on cloudy days, you need 100 percent protection from UV rays. An Odessa optometrist can help you find the lenses that help you achieve the vision you prefer.

Timing How Long It Takes for the Lenses to Change

Transitions Lenses start to darken as soon as you expose them to UV light by stepping outside. In about half a minute, they begin protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays. While starting out clear, they change to color smoothly and quickly. They adjust the level of darkness to compensate for the amount of UV light you experience.

In addition, the time of day and the direction of the sun affect the amount of shade they provide. In intense sunlight, they become darker than on an overcast or cloudy day. In short, they adjust to the light outdoors and provide the level of color that you need to protect your eyes. As available light changes, they adapt their tint level to give you what you need.

Likewise, Transition Lenses fade back to clear when you go inside or any place with no UV light. At night or when you stay indoors, the lenses do not darken. Their ability to adjust to your needs makes them convenient and protective of your vision. An Odessa optometrist at 2020 Beyond Vision Specialists can help you choose what you need.

Comparing Pros and Cons

Light-intelligent lenses offer many advantages that can encourage you to use them and only a few reasons not to. Comparing their attributes may surprise you and help you make a purchasing decision. As an alternative to sunglasses and normal glasses in a single pair, you may find them a very appealing choice. When you want to find Transition Lenses near me, Crossings Shopping Center provides a convenient location nearby.

Stylish Options

Transitional Lenses come in different colors and styles that can provide a look that suits your fashion sense. The hassle-free lenses offer the perfect option for any age and any lifestyle. In a stylish, handcrafted European frame, your lenses stay in place to give you the best vision possible.


Light-intelligent lenses save you the hassle of switching between sunglasses and regular glasses when you frequently go in and out of buildings. When you need protection from sunlight and UV rays, Transition Lenses provide it. In addition, they filter blue light indoors that comes from your digital devices.


The economy of replacing two pairs of glasses with one can produce cost benefits. Instead of needing sunglasses and regular glasses, your Transition Lenses can serve both purposes with one pair.

Easier to Keep Track

You can avoid the hassle of keeping up with two pairs of glasses when you need only one. Instead of trying to find both pairs as you head out the door, you can save time and frustration. In addition, since you probably wear sunglasses less often than normal glasses, you may leave them somewhere by accident. Losing them becomes less likely when you wear them all the time.

Photography Issues

The bright sunlight in Odessa makes your lenses turn dark, and they appear that way in outdoor photographs.

Choosing a Worthwhile Investment

While true that Transition Lenses cost more than regular ones, they give you better service too. Since they can take the place of sunglasses, you get a saving on your investment. The convenience, stylish look, and consistent vision improvement they provide assure you of an excellent return on your investment.

Finding Transition Lenses Near Me

An Odessa optometrist conveniently located in the Crossings Shopping Center on FL-54 can help you choose the advanced lenses you want. At Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists at 16230 State Road 54 in Odessa, the fashionable shop welcomes you. Dr. Christopher Tumolo provides the kind and compassionate care you expect from a dedicated professional.