What is the difference between reading glasses and prescription glasses?

Difference between prescription glasses and readers

Choosing Prescription Glasses over Readers for Important Reasons

Mass-produced reading glasses can hardly equal the quality of prescription eyewear that doctors study for years to provide. Nonetheless, millions of people choose them and find them useful to some degree. Helpful for reading fine print or a computer screen, they can make it easier to use a smartphone, open a combination lock or see the time on a watch. However, the differences between readers and prescription glasses can present significant issues that require consideration.

Comparing Magnification to Correction

Most notably, readers only magnify and cannot provide vision correction. They help the eye to focus closer but can serve no purpose otherwise. The Centers for Disease Control considers the ability to see well as essential for independence in performing everyday activities and overall well-being. Prescription glasses can help improve sight for anyone with imperfect but correctable vision. The ability of reading glasses to make objects appear larger may help explain why some people resort to them as a temporary fix without regard for visual quality.

Choosing an Opportunity to Detect Symptoms of Eye Disease

While the convenience of buying online reading glasses may seem appealing, it prevents an opportunity to detect issues that show no symptoms at first. Prescription glasses require a dilated eye exam when an Odessa eye doctor ascertains visual sharpness, eye alignment, movement, and depth perception. It may even reveal the presence of high blood pressure or diabetes, often before a primary care physician may observe it.

An assessment of the early stages of disease allows the most effective treatment to prevent vision loss. Symptoms that may signify the need for an exam include decreased vision, redness, or pain. In addition, double vision can cause distress that corrective lenses may alleviate, and lights that appear with halos can indicate a need for treatment.

Dismissing the “One Size Fits All” Concept

While one pair of reading glasses provides the same magnification for both eyes, doctors check each separately to accommodate specific and unique vision requirements. Most people do not have the same vision in both eyes, and most have one that seems stronger than the other. Choosing to wear reading glasses requires accepting an inadequate and substandard ability to see. Consequently, readers fail at offering the correction that prescription glasses provide. Lenses that fit the prescription that each eye needs help to prevent blurry vision, headaches, eyestrain, and nausea that often accompany reading glasses.

Anyone who has purchased readers online or at a local store well knows the limited choices of frames they offer. The measurements that Dr. Christopher Tumolo takes during an eye exam at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists ensure the position of the lens at the precise location that provides optimal vision. Thus, frames help determine optical benefits that ensure vision correction and eye protection.

The Dutz line of eyewear offers original frame colors, sizes, shapes, and styles for readers, rims, and rimless designs. An advantage they provide over generic frames contributes to a pleasing appearance and ensures accurate placement on the face. Online frames for reading glasses cannot accommodate factors such as facial shape, personal coloring, or size that matches delicate or strong features. Dutz honors a tradition of creating attractive, well-crafted frames.

Reacting to Vision Changes

A decision to get reading glasses at a drugstore or online website may occur when age creates vision changes. As part of the aging process, presbyopia makes close-up objects seem blurry. The condition may eventually affect almost everyone, usually starting around age 40 and progressing for another 20 to 30 years. An Odessa eye doctor can assist anyone who experiences the disconcerting change to vision and provide treatment for correcting it. Unfortunately, reading glasses offer a poor solution for a condition that deserves understanding and correction instead of magnification.

The Essilor line of lenses suits all vision needs, and each brand offers access to optimal vision. For example, Crizal®features scratch resistance, glare reduction, and resistance to smudges, water, and dust. Varilux® progressive lenses provide an excellent option for correcting presbyopia and relieve the frustration of the difficulties it presents as age affects vision. Transitions® lenses help protect the eyes by darkening harmful UV rays and reducing glare. Frequent users of smartphones and computers may benefit from Eyezen® lenses that filter about 20 percent of blue light that contributes to eyestrain. Finally, Xperio ® polarized lenses provide the benefit of eliminating glare for anyone who spends time driving or out of doors. Essilor lenses offer excellent options that maximize comfort, effectiveness, and optimal vision correction.

Choosing a Caring and Compassionate Approach

The difference in patient approach that Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists provides can encourage anyone who has imperfect vision but the potential for improvement. Many people avoid a trip to an eye doctor because of previous experiences, but Dr. Christopher Tumolo alleviates any concern with deep understanding. Instead, the Odessa eye doctor chooses an approach that resembles the old-time method of personal care and genuine interest in patients’ problems. An exam at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa, FL provides alternatives to reading glasses and a valuable checkup on eye health.