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Tag: contact lenses

How to Clean Contact Lenses

How To Clean Contact Lenses

No matter what type of lenses you have or what kind of solution you use, you should follow the guidelines below when handling your contacts. Learn more!

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Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists is Excited to Join the Odessa Area

Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists is excited to announce that we will be joining the vibrant and growing community of Odessa, FL.

Retinal Eye Exam Odessa, FL

Eye exams are not just for glasses and contacts

Patients often think seeing Dr. Tumolo is solely to attain a new prescription for glasses and / or contact lenses. While this is part of the examination process, this is not the process in its totality.

Fact or Fiction - Odessa Eye Doctor

Fact or Fiction?

Common misconceptions about your eyes, prescription glasses, and contacts.

Contact Lenses and the Cornea - Odessa Eye Doctor

Contact Lenses and the Cornea

Soft contact lenses sit on the front surface of your eye called the cornea. More specifically soft contact lenses sit on the thin tear film that coats the cornea. Contact lenses can correct your vision very similarly to how glasses correct your vision. Contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses but like everything, contact lenses need to be used and cared for properly or they can potentially cause harm.