Tag: Glasses

Tag: Glasses

What is blue light?

What is Blue Light?

What exactly is blue light and does it affect our vision? Click here to learn more about blue light and how it works!

When should you child get an eye exam?

When should your child get an eye exam?

Eyecare is vital throughout a person’s life and should begin at an early age. As children grow, their eyes change and develop at a fast pace. By scheduling routine eye appointments, parents can stay ahead of any vision-related problems that could arise.

10 Eye Care Habits

10 Eye Care Habits to Protect Your Vision

Did you know that healthy eye care habits can prevent vision problems? It’s true; when it comes to protecting your vision, prevention is the best medicine. Learn how to protect your vision with these 10 eye care habits from everyone’s favorite Odessa eye doctor, Christopher Tumolo O.D., L.D.O.