Red Eye Treatment

Red Eye Treatment - Tampa

Red eyes are a common problem we can all relate to, and nobody wants their eyes to look red, sore, and tired. Although usually short-lived, red eyes can be attributed to various lifestyle choices, like poor diet, including dehydration, sleeping habits, as well as pollen and smoke. There are literally countless variables that can lead to sore and red eyes, but some are more serious requiring a visit to Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists. There are situations like Conjunctivitis (pink eye), subconjunctival hemorrhage, and Blepharitis where red eyes are a symptom, and they all require a more thorough exam.

Here are a few additional cases when scheduling an appointment is even more important:

  • have a loss of vision
  • feel significant pain
  • have recently experienced head trauma
  • have a chemical injury
  • have had a recent eye surgery
  • have a history of severe pain

If you have any questions about red eye treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 813-616-7016.