What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?

What causes bloodshot eyes and when to see an optometrist

What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?

Bloodshot eyes often attract notice because they look painful. Usually, they make you wonder what happened to cause them. Concerning as it may appear, the condition does not cause pain. In many cases, it clears up without medical treatment when the trigger for the inflammation stops happening. However, red eyes deserve attention because of their potential to indicate a serious issue. Dr. Christopher Tumolo at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa offers convenient access to the highest quality of professional eye care close to home. Many everyday occurrences can produce bloodshot eyes that create no lasting concern.

Considering the Reasons for Inflammation

Usually, a temporary condition that occurs from ordinary events, bloodshot eyes can happen to almost anyone. The redness that makes other people notice when you have it comes from inflamed blood vessels on the white part of the eye. When it causes pain or vision changes, severe headache, nausea, or fever, a visit to Dr. Tumulo in the Crossings Shopping Center on FL-54 can provide treatment.


Millions of people across the country experience allergies, but the lovely climate in the Odessa area make allergy season start earlier than elsewhere. Flower and tree pollen floats on the warm breezes, affecting the eyes by making them turn red. In addition, grass and weeds grow abundantly under the Florida sun, and allergies to them can cause eyes to itch and become watery. Of course, no one can avoid pollen altogether, but staying indoors may help.

Contact Lens

Some conditions that can allow contacts to cause bloodshot eyes may need diagnosis and treatment by an Odessa optometrist. However, many just require changing the types of exposure your eyes receive. For example, an allergic reaction to a contact lens solution or a lens that does not fit well can cause it. In addition, toxins in the eye’s normal bacteria can attach to the lens instead of flushing away with blinking. The condition occurs more often among people who wear contacts while sleeping.

Dry Eye

Eyes that do not receive adequate moisture from the air or the body’s intake of water can make them tear up in response to the dryness. Regular intake of eight 8-ounce glasses provides essential hydration, especially in the heat of Odessa’s summer months. In addition, it may help prevent some of the discomforts of dry eye syndrome.

Getting Rid of the Condition

The irritants that make the eyes respond by turning red can become less irritating with some home remedies. Some changes that prevent exposure to them can make them less annoying. In addition, over-the-counter eye drops can relieve some of the symptoms. Home remedies may provide all the treatment you need, but a condition that lasts longer than a week may mean that you have an infection.

Eye Drops

Histamines can cause eye inflammation to occur, and antihistamine eye drops can help reduce the itchiness they create. Artificial tears can flush allergens from the eye and relieve irritation several times a day. Some products that contain no preservatives provide the best results if your bloodshot eyes need relief more than four times daily. Decongestant eye drops can help resolve the issue when you use them as directed on the product label. Notably, redness can become worse with long-term use.

Cool or Warm Compresses

Itchy and inflamed eyes may respond well to the comfort a warm or cool washcloth can provide a couple of times a day. A cool but not cold cloth can comfortably help reduce itching and swelling. Alternatively, a lukewarm cloth can benefit your eyes by increasing the blood flow and oils in the eyelid.

Avoiding Irritants

Triggers for bloodshot eyes include dust, chlorinated swimming pools, pet dander, fumes, smoke, and pollen. Careful observation of when the eyes seem red may help identify the irritant causing the problem. Frequent vacuuming can reduce indoor irritants. In addition, swimmers can use a well-fitting mask and snorkel to enjoy a cooling exercise without inflaming the eyes.


Florida’s warm and humid climate can encourage mold that may cause bloodshot eyes. While balancing the need for indoor humidity to prevent dry eye and dehumidifying to remove mold, you may face challenges in controlling air quality. However, reacting to each occurrence and avoiding the triggers may help reduce the discomfort that comes with red eyes.


After years of safety precautions to prevent COVID, the need to protect the eyes from dirt continues. Unfortunately, touching the eyes can become a habit or an absent-minded act that can create health issues. Avoiding touching the eyes unless with freshly washed hands may prevent some discomfort and inflammation.

Avoiding Sunlight

Bloodshot eyes may have sensitivity to sunlight, and a classy pair of sunglasses can provide protection from it and irritants in the air. Imported handcrafted frames and polarized prescription sunglasses can give you an air of distinction and the most effective UV protection from the Odessa sun.

Scheduling a Local Appointment

Odessa, Trinity, and Cheval have convenient access to the best eye care at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists. Located in the Crossings Shopping Center at 16230 FL- 54 next to the Sunshine Expressway, the office of Dr. Christopher Tumolo provides ample parking. Residents or visitors who need care for bloodshot eyes or any eye-related issue may schedule an exam or call 813-926-5993 for an appointment.