What is the difference between an ophthalmologist, an optometrist, and an optician?

Different Types of Eye Doctors

Understanding the Differences between Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians

Levels of training, diagnostic skill, and expertise in recommending treatment define the differences between the kinds of care that eye doctors can perform. Ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians each provide a needed service that serves a unique purpose within a circumscribed area. When you need an eye exam, choosing the right eye care professional can save time and money

Treating Eye Disease

To qualify for treating all eye diseases and performing surgery, ophthalmologists receive at least eight years of medical training after earning a four-year degree. In addition, they can also correct vision problems with eyeglasses or contacts. However, advanced medical and surgical training allows them to focus on complex issues that affect the eyes.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests the importance of a dilated eye exam for everyone by age 40. An optometrist at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists, conveniently located on Highway 54 near the Suncoast Expressway in Odessa FL, can perform the exam. In addition, as a safeguard, a baseline eye exam can help identify changes and spot potential problems.

Testing Vision, Prescribing Lenses and Treating Eye Conditions

An optometrist provides primary vision care for numerous issues that require treatment by an experienced eye care professional. At Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa FL, Dr. Christopher Tumolo O.D., L.D.O, provides care for a range of conditions that require treatment.

As an optometric physician and licensed optician, Dr. Tumolo specializes in prescriptions that address severe refractive error conditions, prism evaluations, and hard-to-fit contact lenses. His expertise in progressive lens technology, fitting, and measurements assures patients of the eye care that they deserve. At his Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists office on Highway 54 near the Suncoast Expressway in Odessa FL, he offers the highest quality of professional eye care with these:

  • eye exams
  • vision tests
  • corrective lens prescriptions
  • delivery of prescribed lenses
  • detection of eye abnormalities
  • prescriptions for medications
  • expertise in progressive lens technology, fitting, and measurements

In addition, he treats dry eye disease with medical eye drops and other options that his 22 years of experience enable him to recommend. With expertise in removing ocular foreign bodies, Dr. Tumolo resolves many delicate problems for patients. In addition, his skill in fitting multifocal, monovision, and astigmatism contact lenses helps patients achieve the vision they deserve.

With his extensive training in optics, he prescribes the best lens and frame options that conform to each patient’s specific needs. Optometrists provide primary vision care that offers testing and diagnoses, treatment, and management of vision needs as they change.

Fitting Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Opticians train to design and fit eyeglasses and contacts that conform to prescriptions provided by optometrists and ophthalmologists. In addition, they help patients select frames that offer the stability that good vision requires, and a wide range of shapes and styles satisfy aesthetic preferences as well.

An essential member of the eye care team, they provide an important service that allows access to prescribed treatment through glasses or contacts. However, as an optometrist, Dr. Tumolo can provide practical or stylish wearables as a convenience for patients.

Benefiting from Regular Eye Exams

The convenience of the Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists office location on Highway 54 at the Sunshine Expressway may encourage residents of Odessa FL and Trinity to take a few moments to make an appointment. Dr. Tumolo’s expertise makes experimentation with home remedies unnecessary. For example, dry eyes often spur patients to seek relief from a burning feeling or general discomfort. Similarly, digital eyestrain can occur when staring at a computer, smartphone, television or game console prevents enough blinking. An eye exam can detect the cause of any condition and produce recommendations for improvement.

The intense rays of the Florida sun and allergies to grass and tree pollen, ragweed, dust and dander can make eyes extremely uncomfortable, but an optometrist can prescribe welcome countermeasures. Still, one of the most important reasons to get an exam remains for vision correction. Conditions such as nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness require regular checkups to ensure an up-to-date prescription provides the best possible vision.

Making a Difference that Matters

A goal of bringing back the personal touch that doctors’ house calls provided inspired Dr. Tumolo to create Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists. As a licensed dispensing optician, he encouraged his fellow opticians to understand and explain the importance of optics and lensometry to patients. After growing up in Tampa and earning his doctoral degree in optometry, he realized his dream of making patient care personal again.

In his practice, he dissolves the formal barriers that make the interaction between doctors and patients difficult. His concerns for each patient’s eye care, health, and overall wellness shows in the compassion and understanding he extends. Each patient receives a thorough explanation of an examination, his observations, and refractive conditions in the eye.

The personal and specialized eye exams that Dr. Tumolo conducts establish a sense of trust, reminiscent of times when a personal relationship made a difference. Patients in Odessa Fl, Trinity, and Cheval may occasionally see him with Bruna, his Jack Russell terrier, when he is not working out for M.M.A. events, driving sports cars, or relaxing by creating a drawing.

Considering the Benefits and Alternatives

Healthy vision brings many pleasures that seem easy to take for granted. However, the privilege of working, playing, driving, or recognizing a friend’s face requires high-quality, professional eye care. Contact our office for an appointment when you experience any issues with your vision or want a baseline eye exam. A checkup at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa FL may provide protection that preserves your precious sight.