Why You Should Consider Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and Contact Lenses Near Me

Why You Should Consider Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and contacts help your eyes focus light and make you see better, and about 75 percent of Americans wear them. The Vision Council estimates that about 64 percent wear glasses, and the other 11 percent prefer contacts. Normal changes to vision occur over time, and paying attention to them can help maintain good eyesight.

Understanding Why People Need Glasses or Contacts

Four of the most common reasons for using glasses or contacts include nearsightedness which lets you see clearly up close but not at a distance. Farsightedness does the opposite, letting you see far away but not up close. In addition, astigmatism causes focusing problems, and aging can cause focus problems also if you have presbyopia. An Odessa eye doctor can correct your vision with highly effective lenses and fashionable frames.

You can tell that you need an eye exam when objects seem blurry or you cannot read the fine print. You may even mistake a stranger for someone you know. When you drive, you may have trouble seeing a street address. An Odessa eye doctor can help when these symptoms make you want to find prescription glasses near me.

  • blurry vision
  • eye fatigue
  • closing one eye to see better
  • frequent headaches
  • watching TV close-up
  • eye rubbing
  • holding a book up close or at arm’s length
  • missing lines when you read
  • night vision issues

Choosing Glasses for Better Sight and Benefits

The ease of putting on your glasses or removing them makes it convenient to have vision correction when you need it. In addition, well-fitting prescription lenses in stylish, handcrafted frames give you better vision and provide other benefits as well.

  • Glasses help you see better, and they may make you look smarter.
    Some common problems with vision can go away with a new prescription. While glasses serve a vital purpose, they can also give you a sophisticated look. In addition, some research shows that people may take you more seriously if you wear glasses.
  • They protect your eyes from the sun.
    Recent advances in lenses help your eyes adjust to bright light indoors and outdoors. Your Odessa eye doctor can prescribe glasses that protect you from the sun’s damaging UV rays. In addition, they prevent the damage of blue light from computer screens.
  • Choosing glasses gives you freedom of choice.
    You can choose to wear or remove glasses whenever you like without touching your eyes. Glasses require no special cleaning fluid, and you can wear them as long as you want. If your eye exam shows your prescription can stay the same, you can choose different frames for a special occasion.
  • Glasses let you make your own fashion statement.
    Sophisticated designs and colors of frames can provide a unique look that suits you perfectly. So when you find prescription glasses near me, you can create a new look that draws compliments.

Preferring Contacts to See Better and Avoid Glasses

The convenience of seeing well without glasses may appeal to you, especially if you have never tried them. An exam with a caring Odessa eye doctor can help you choose the contact lenses that suit your individual needs.

  • Contacts correct your vision without attracting attention.
    No one can tell whether you need vision correction or not when you wear contacts, and you can use them with sunglasses too. Contacts improve your vision without changing your appearance.
  • They offer conveniences you cannot get with glasses.
    Contacts may need cleaning only once or twice a day, and the weather does not affect them. Also, without needing a bulky case to carry glasses, you can put your contacts in a tiny container in your pocket.
  • Contacts let you show the natural beauty of your eyes.
    The vibrant color of blue, green, brown, or hazel eyes shines through contact lenses while glasses can hide it. So a compliment on the beauty of your eyes can make you glad you wear contacts that show their glorious color.
  • You can enjoy the convenience of playing sports with excellent forward and peripheral vision.
    People who play sports can enjoy it more without worrying about glasses. Also, they stay in place even in high contact sports and let athletes see all the action.

Seeing Why High-end Frames and Lenses Make a Difference

An eye exam takes precise measurements of your eyes, and the high-quality lenses deliver your prescription accurately. You can find top-of-the-line eyewear at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa, Florida. Varilux designs for progressive lenses let you see near and far. With Varilux, you avoid low light issues, blurriness, or feeling off-balance.

  • Crizal
    Ideal for outdoor activities, Crizal lenses block UV light. In addition, they protect your eyes with resistance to glare, scratches, and smudge.
  • Transitions
    Active people who go in and out of buildings frequently may prefer lenses that adapt automatically to changes in light level. They can fit any active lifestyle that busy people enjoy.
  • Xperio
    Special lightweight lenses provide an excellent option for children. In addition, Xperio’s thin design delivers more resistance to impact than standard plastic lenses.
  • Eyezen
    Protection from computer screen glare may prevent digital eyestrain. In addition, Eyezen single vision lenses provide lightweight yet durable eyewear for computer users with or without a prescription.

Frames with handcrafted detail from Europe offer particular distinction. The imported frames provide excellent fit and high fashion with the highest quality of titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel.

  • Ella & Maxx offers high function and style for men and women.
  • Dutz Eyewear provides choices for face sizes that other brands cannot.
  • Reykjavik Eyes presents expressive styles in gold, rimless or petite designs.
  • Lindberg offers durable and flexible frames without any screws.

Finding Excellent Eye Care Near Me

Odessa, Cheval, and Trinity residents can find Dr. Christopher Tumolo and Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in the Suncoast Crossing shopping center at 16230 FL-54. Our convenient location next to the Suncoast Parkway (SR 589) offers ample parking close to our office. You may schedule an appointment for your eye exam online or at 813-926-5993.