Taking Steps to Find a New Eye Doctor

Finding a New Eye Doctor Near Me

Looking for a new eye doctor near you?

More than three-quarters of the American public wears glasses or contacts. The value of sight usually puts it on top of the list of senses. Most people think of it before thinking of smell, taste, hearing, or touch. Choosing an eye doctor to prepare your vision for a lifetime requires careful thought. These steps can help you pick the right vision care provider.

Knowing the Difference

Patients get primary vision care from a doctor who can conduct eye exams. In addition, services include detecting abnormal issues and preparing prescriptions. Optometrists can dispense lenses as well. Vision changes require treatment and management over time. The optometrist holds a four-year degree (O.D.) in optometry. In addition, three or more years of college contribute to a career. For patients who do not need surgery but want the most accurate prescription for contacts and glasses, an Optometrist is the doctor of choice. Optometrists will care for your eyes up to the point of surgical intervention, at that point your optometrist will refer you to an ophthalmologist.

Training in medical school, a year of internship, and a three-residency prepare an ophthalmologist to treat eye issues. In addition, diagnosing eye conditions and diseases serves a vital purpose. Finally, like medical doctors, ophthalmologists can perform surgery. For patients who need surgery, an Ophthalmologist is the doctor of choice. Your optometrist will guide you as to which ophthalmologist will best fit your needs, whether cataracts, retinal, or refractive surgery.

Asking for Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

The opinions of others can provide a place to start looking for an eye care doctor. Experts suggest asking a primary care doctor for names to consider. In addition, friends and family members can share what they like or dislike in their eye doctors. Word-of-mouth from a trusted person can mean a lot.

Searching the Internet for Reviews

Online opinions can provide facts that can inform anyone looking for an eye care doctor, such as directions, years in practice, education and licensing. Comments can include wait times, opinions of staff or the doctor’s approach. At Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists, Dr. Christopher Tumolo takes his time to listen and gently explain eye conditions.

Comparing Prices

Value matters more than pricing in the long run. Still, no one wants to pay more for an eye exam than necessary. Getting the price structure may require a phone call to a doctor’s office. However, the effort can pay off in money saved. In addition, the quality of care, knowledge, experience and satisfaction can count more than price. Thus, a final decision needs to include all factors.

Knowing What to Expect

Advanced technology helps an eye doctor to detect vision problems. Your search for the right one needs to look for up-to-date offices that use the latest equipment. You can expect an Odessa, Fl optometrist to use these tools to check your vision.

A device that can measure eyeball pressure, the tonometer requires a doctor to place it directly on the cornea. However, many doctors prefer a device that uses an air puff instead to do the same thing. Your choice of either may help you select the office where you feel most comfortable.

Experiencing Dilation
Eye drops that cause the pupil to widen allow a doctor to better view your eye. Your vision may take a few hours before it returns to normal. Until you know how your eyes react, you may need to bring dark sunglasses and someone to drive you home.

A device that can produce hundreds of lens combinations, the phoropter allows an eye doctor to conduct an examination. The process requires you to look at an object a certain distance away. During the test, the doctor may ask which combination of lenses works best for you.

Results help diagnose vision issues that need correction. Common problems include farsightedness or nearsightedness. In addition, the test helps identify the causes of blurry vision or focusing difficulties. Many vision issues include age-related conditions among other complex problems.

Snellen Eye Chart
Up-to-date offices can project a Snellen eye chart for you to read letters in rows that decrease in size.

The tool shines a light into your eye to aid in detecting sight errors.

A device that measures a vision error can detect when an image that moves in or out of focus appears on the retina.

In an eye exam, a doctor may use a device that provides a light source to examine your retina. An ophthalmoscope helps detect potential eye diseases.

Finding Digital Eye Exams in Odessa

A high-tech digital device can provide a broad and precise image of your retina as an aid to a regular eye exam. In addition, the technology offers a more comprehensive exam and gives you a better understanding of your eye health. As the only optometry office in Odessa, Fl that offers it, Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists provides unique, state-of-the-art digital eye exams to patients.

Checking on Qualifications and Experience

Websites can tell you about Board Certification and eye care specialties.

Confirming Availability

An older practice may accept fewer new patients than a more recent office in a community. Again, you can find a quick response by requesting an appointment online.

Looking for a Pleasant Manner

Your comfort level achieves one of the essential aspects of choosing an Odessa, Fl optometrist. The process comes down to who you want as your eye doctor. In a practice resembling the days when doctors made house calls, Dr. Christopher Tumolo offers an old-fashioned approach. Patients benefit from the depth of knowledge he provides with compassion and understanding.

Residents of the greater Odessa, Fl community can find Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists at 16230 FL-54 in the Crossings Shopping Mall. Located next to the Suncoast Parkway, the mall offers ample parking and easy access to the office.