Category: Eye Exams

Category: Eye Exams

Eye Safety at a Florida Beach

Eye Safety at a Florida Beach

It takes only one time of opening your eyes under saltwater to learn that it stings like crazy. While your tears may taste salty, they produce a soothing effect. The salt in the Gulf contains much more salt than your tears. The stinging occurs as it dries your eyes out.

Florida Swimming Safety

Eye Safety When Swimming in Florida Pools and Lakes

Only 8 percent of the population does not go online. In addition, frequent use of electronic screens can produce computer vision syndrome and the vision-related problems that come with it. Because almost no one chooses to give up computer use, some tips can help users prevent the consequences of digital eyestrain.

What to Do if Something Stuck In My Eye

What Should I Do If Something Is Stuck in My Eye

A natural tendency to touch your eye when something gets in it can make an uncomfortable situation worse. While rubbing your eye may seem like the right thing to do, keeping your hands off makes more sense. An object as tiny as a speck of dirt or an eyelash can cause discomfort that you naturally want to remove as soon as possible. However, rubbing your eyes can cause scratches on your cornea or make the object harder to reach. You can choose safer ways for foreign body removal that relieve the irritation.

Glasses and Contact Lenses Near Me

Why You Should Consider Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and contacts help your eyes focus light and make you see better, and about 75 percent of Americans wear them. The Vision Council estimates that about 64 percent wear glasses, and the other 11 percent prefer contacts. Normal changes to vision occur over time, and paying attention to them can help maintain good eyesight.

Eye Exam Near Me

How To Get The Most Out of Your Eye Exam

Preparation for an eye exam ahead of time can help you get the most benefit out of it. When you share information about yourself, it helps us evaluate and treat your vision issues.

Do Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker?

Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Weaker?

Finding why things happen makes them easier to accept even when a reason may disappoint or cause frustration at times. When access to an explanation seems unavailable, alternative ideas may take their place. Medical science provides facts that clarify understanding when vision changes occur, and proven facts resolve the issue of whether spectacles can weaken vision. Glasses simply cannot change the anatomy of the eye and make vision worse.

Detecting and Treating Astigmatism

A type of refractive error, astigmatism affects the vision of millions of Americans. A minuscule difference in the shape of the cornea or lens can make objects appear blurry. Anyone who has the condition may experience its effects, but only a dilated eye exam can confirm that it exists. Fortunately, an optometrist at Beyond 2020 Vision Specialists in Odessa, Florida can detect and correct it to significantly improve the quality of vision.

When is eye twitching serious?

When is eye twitching serious?

Almost everyone has experienced an eye twitch from time to time, and it may have lasted for a considerable period. Aside from creating an annoyance that may occur suddenly, eye twitching can present a need to investigate a slight spasm or a detectable movement in either the upper or lower eyelid.

What does an eye chart actually measure?

What does an eye chart actually measure?

Even your physician’s office likely has one of these charts hanging up. These charts are and have always been exceedingly popular because of how effective they are at measuring a person’s vision. The following offers an explanation of the importance of eye charts and what they actually measure.

When should you child get an eye exam?

When should your child get an eye exam?

Eyecare is vital throughout a person’s life and should begin at an early age. As children grow, their eyes change and develop at a fast pace. By scheduling routine eye appointments, parents can stay ahead of any vision-related problems that could arise.