Tag: Optometrist

Tag: Optometrist

What causes bloodshot eyes and when to see an optometrist

What Causes Bloodshot Eyes?

Usually, a temporary condition that occurs from ordinary events, bloodshot eyes can happen to almost anyone. The redness that makes other people notice when you have it comes from inflamed blood vessels on the white part of the eye. When it causes pain or vision changes, severe headache, nausea, or fever, a visit to Dr. Tumulo in the Crossings Shopping Center on FL-54 can provide treatment.

Are Eye Infections Contagious?

Are eye infections contagious?

Some of the most common eye infections can spread to someone else. The result of contracting a contagious disease can start with redness. Other symptoms include seeing black spots and having blurry vision or even blindness. However, many eye infections can cause discomfort without putting others at risk. When you know the difference, it may help protect your sight.

Finding a New Eye Doctor Near Me

Taking Steps to Find a New Eye Doctor

More than three-quarters of the American public wears glasses or contacts. The value of sight usually puts it on top of the list of senses. Most people think of it before thinking of smell, taste, hearing, or touch. Finding an eye doctor to prepare vision for a lifetime requires careful thought. These steps can help you pick the right vision care provider.