Category: Prescription Glasses

Category: Prescription Glasses

What is considered legally blind?

What is Considered Legally Blind

Maintaining a healthy weight, wearing eye protection, and eating a diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables can help care for your eyes. However, blindness may occur at various levels of severity.

How to Read Prescription Eyewear

How to Read Your Eyewear Prescription

Reading your prescription may initially seem complicated and confusing, but some tips can help you understand what it means

Why Reading Gets Harder with Age

Why Reading Gets Harder with Age

Unfortunately, no treatment can restore youthful flexibility to your eyes as you age. However, routine eye exams with correction options help keep your vision performing at its best. In addition, a nutritious diet and exercise guard against age-related vision loss. Glasses with a reading component help reduce eye strain that may come from blurry reading. A prescription for reading glasses or contacts needs an update every year or two to respond to continuing vision changes.

How do Transition Lenses work?

What Are Transition Lenses and How Do They Work?

Because the lenses adjust to changes in light, they help you consistently see better. The lenses react to the sun’s UV rays. Special dyes in the lenses cause them to change color with exposure to light, becoming dark when you need protection from sunlight and glare. They help you discern brightness and contrast to allow you to see with clarity in all light locations.

Glasses and Contact Lenses Near Me

Why You Should Consider Glasses and Contact Lenses

Glasses and contacts help your eyes focus light and make you see better, and about 75 percent of Americans wear them. The Vision Council estimates that about 64 percent wear glasses, and the other 11 percent prefer contacts. Normal changes to vision occur over time, and paying attention to them can help maintain good eyesight.

Eye Exam Near Me

How To Get The Most Out of Your Eye Exam

Preparation for an eye exam ahead of time can help you get the most benefit out of it. When you share information about yourself, it helps us evaluate and treat your vision issues.

Do Glasses Make My Eyes Weaker?

Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Weaker?

Finding why things happen makes them easier to accept even when a reason may disappoint or cause frustration at times. When access to an explanation seems unavailable, alternative ideas may take their place. Medical science provides facts that clarify understanding when vision changes occur, and proven facts resolve the issue of whether spectacles can weaken vision. Glasses simply cannot change the anatomy of the eye and make vision worse.

Difference between prescription glasses and readers

Choosing Prescription Glasses over Readers for Important Reasons

Readers only magnify and cannot provide vision correction. They help the eye to focus closer but can serve no purpose otherwise. The Centers for Disease Control considers the ability to see well as essential for independence in performing everyday activities and overall well-being.

How are polarized glasses different?

How are polarized glasses different?

Polarized lenses are constructed in a way that minimizes the amount of light that comes through your lens so that you can see better and without being blinded by bright light. Specifically, wearing glasses with polarized lenses will allow you to avoid glare and see more clearly.

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